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Gunhawk has come to Gotham City to steal a prototype military weapon, and Batman must overcome his foe's awesome arsenal in order to stop him.

Batman (Jean Paul Valley) is finding it difficult to continue on his crusade, taking on gangbangers in the subway, he's losing his identity.

Meanwhile Gunhawk and Bunny snipe Mr. R. Renfrew Talmadge from a rooftop, killing him on his birthday.

Montoya and Bullock are called to the scene of the crime to investigate. Bullock contacts Batman who reacts indifferently to the news that Talmadge was murdered.

At Bunny & Gunhawk's wilderness hideaway, Gunhawk admires a military prototype weapon in Bullets & Babes magazine. Gunhawk wants to steal it.

Batman interrupts Arnold Hockert taking a girl into his condo and gets him to admit paying off Gunhawk to kill Talmadge. Batman returns to the Batcave to find out who Gunhawk is and discovers Robin has been snooping around but leaves that for later.

Gunhawk and Bunny show up to the gun show where the prototype is on sale and start a firefight with other gun show aficionados. Batman shows up and they open fire on them, Gunhawk tries to pursue him but Bunny is shot by another gun show patron. Gunhawk picks Bunny up and runs away as a tattered Batman looks on from the rafters.

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