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"The Mudpack" part 1. The Dark Knight Detective battles Clayface...unaware that the Man of Clay has teamed up with previous incarnations of the shape-shifting villain.

This is the first part of a four part Detective Comic arc called "The Mud Pack".

At Arkham Asylum, an enraged Preston Payne (Clayface III) escapes from his confinement and kills at least one guard in his escape. Batman is called in from his patrol immediately to help recapture Payne.

Meanwhile, Basil Karlo (Clayface I) has been released from prison and is setting up a new base of operation in the abandoned La Scala Theater. At number of thugs try to rob him but he kills them.

Payne is surrounded by guards who successfully tranquilize him. The guards are confronted by someone that appears to be Looker. She uses her mental powers to ensnare their minds and tranquilize each other. He then uses her telekinesis to carry Payne away.

Karlo tries in vain to resurrect Matt Hagen (Clayface II). Batman investigate the scene of Payne's escape from the guards, he finds the mannequin head of Helena that is used to calm Payne in his cell, he finds that Payne was tranquilized and he finds that a woman was present on the scene. In looking over Arkham's security footage, Looker was seen to visit Payne that afternoon.

Looker arrives at Karlo's lair with Payne in tow. She drops her disguise and is revealed to be Sondra Fuller (Clayface IV). Karlo calls the meeting of the Mud Pack to order and establishes the groups discussion points as:

1- How we lay claim to the fame and fortune that is deservedly ours.

2- How we acquire power beyond our wildest dreams!

3- How we can finally best the caped crusader, whose very existence each of us has every reason to hate.

4- How we will kill him!

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