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"The Night of Thanks, But No Thanks!"

Batman attempts to go into action on a night when he really should have stayed in bed because during his nightly patrol all he comes across are situations, that despite initial appearances, involve no criminal activity.

"The Face of Barricade!"

Barricade reveals his countenance to be the face of a skull, and tells Green Arrow he was once Lars, the monk whom GA once fought over the Book of the Ages, whose forces reduced him to a skeletal state. He says that the Book was restored by the monks of his faction through alchemical means, and that the spell which skeletized him was reversed, as long as he remained in contact with the Book. With the Wisdom Key held within Onyx’s headband, he can make the reversal permanent. Onyx, however, snatches her headband back, and Barricade leaves Green Arrow to grapple with her. The headband is then tossed to Black Canary, who has just arrived. Barricade overpowers her and snatches the headband, but Green Arrow uses his shafts to separate the Book of Ages from the pouch on Barricade’s back in which it is carried. Barricade collapses into a mass of lifeless bones. Black Canary notes that the tiara does not carry the Wisdom Key any longer, and that Onyx is gone. Later, Onyx meets Tommy in the park, and gives him back the Wisdom Key, which she had stashed in his pocket for safekeeping during their kiss. Tommy indignantly says that Barricade could have hunted him down next. Onyx replies that, earlier, Tommy had tried to protect her from Barricade and wouldn’t leave her. But now, she leaves him.

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