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Occupy Joker

See that cool cover? Tony Daniel does the cover, just as he has done for all the previous issues, as well as doing the writing and drawing duties. But man, that's a cool cover. Penguin kinda looks like Danny DeVito's the Penguin mixed with the 60's Penguin. He looks cool. And that cover tag line? "Batman... Penguin... Only One Controls Gotham!" Sounds and looks awesome right. Yeah, well, it's NOT!

Seriously, this comic isn't worth the $2.99 price tag. It's not even worth half that. It's definitely not worth you buying and adding this to your collection. I've enjoyed the series thus far, and having ended that Doll Maker story line and hinting at the Penguin being involved and finding out what happened to the Joker had me looking forward to what was next. Well, apparently crap was next.

This issue sucks. There's no way else to say it. Why? One regular size issue is split into two stories. No regular size issue should ever be spit into two half stories. NEVER! Word has it that Daniel wasn't gonna meet the deadline so instead of delaying it, he just did half of a story of which he wrote and drew. The second half of the story he wrote but didn't draw.

The first story, "Wheel of Misfortune" is mainly about Batman dealing with the Joker Memorial Shrines while tracking a criminal. First off, while the Joker Shrine is a BLATANT knockoff of the Occupy Wall Street movement, it makes no sense. Why do hundreds of people mourn Joker's death and call for Batman to be killed? Seriously, they have signs in the crowd that read 'Down with the Batman', 'Joker=Good, Batman=Bad', 'We are the Joker', 'Equal rights for the disturbed', and 'We are the 6%'. Really? Uh, ok. And they are all wearing clown masks. Anyways, the fugitive Batman is tracking escapes through the crowd and the crowd quickly tries to take down Batman. He gets through as the fugitive escapes on a boat leaving his mask and coat behind, where Batman finds a Iceberg Casino coin the jacket pocket. Oh, and it ends with Bruce's girlfriend reporter Charlotte Rivers going undercover in the Iceberg Casino and the Penguin noticing and asking his 'girls' to take care of her. This story adds nothing to the current story line and just seems like a brief gap to the next story line.

The second story "Russian Roulette" serves no purpose in this issue whatsoever. It deals with Catwoman and Hugo Strange's son and the Russian Mafia. Seriously, there was no point in this. And the worst part is since there is a different artist, the art is bad. I can't stand it and it's so strikingly different from everything else, it just sticks out like a sore thumb.

This issues has lots off issues with it. It's awful. This review is three times as long as both plots combined. In fact, I spent more time on this review than the comic editors did on this issue. Skip it unless you are a completionist like me who has to add it to the collection.

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