joelislegend's Detective Comics #5 - Wheel of Misfortune; Russian Roulette review

Wheel of Deception

Let's face it, Detective Comics has been the weakest of the 4 bat books, and this week's issue is the biggest letdown yet.

The story starts off strong, delving a bit more into the mysteries around the Joker... then all of a sudden, it ends before it could even begin. Huh?? What is going on? I literally freaked out a bit, and then realized that without warning there was a "backup" story in this week's issue of Detective comics.

Let's face it... if I'm going to buy a Batman book, I expect a little more than 3 pages of Batman soaring over the city and punching a guy in the face. If this is the standard for Batman comics then I'm going to get in touch with DC and start writing arcs.

Here we are jammed between an arc with the Dollmaker that never ended and a new story with the Penguin that doesn't even get remotely fleshed out. We are led by the plot summary to believe that something was actually going to happen this week in Detective, but instead it's a short 10 page story that doesn't really lead to anything new, and a very crappy backup story.

If you were planning on picking up Detective this week... don't bother. Take 5 minutes to browse the 10 page story in your local comic book shop and then put it back on the shelf. I think what is the most frustrating about this issue is that the New 52 was supposed to make DC comics fresh and worthwhile.... It was supposed to bring in and hook people, but after only 4 months it had me not sure if I wanted to keep Detective on my pull-list as the story was getting worse and worse. This week has confirmed that it's off.


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    See that cool cover? Tony Daniel does the cover, just as he has done for all the previous issues, as well as doing the writing and drawing duties. But man, that's a cool cover. Penguin kinda looks like Danny DeVito's the Penguin mixed with the 60's Penguin. He looks cool. And that cover tag line? "Batman... Penguin... Only One Controls Gotham!" Sounds and looks awesome right. Yeah, well, it's NOT!Seriously, this comic isn't worth the $2.99 price tag. It's not even worth half that. It's definitel...

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