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After 15 years Batman encounters the Signalman in "Signalman steals the spotlight!" A series of robberies has been committed and at last Batman catches up with the Signalman at Gotham Stadium where the villain in question is taking the proceeds of the game to put towards his retirement fund! Tossing a heavy bag of money at the Caped Crusader, Signalman makes a dash for the arena, where he instigates panic by setting off the "Fire" signal. He then causes even further mayhem by using signal flares to cause temporary blindness among the crowd. While trying to help those confused people around him, Batman is too busy to notice as Signalman sneaks up behind him and slugs him over the head. With the Dark Knight Kayoed, Signalman takes his opponent and restrains him in the back of the Bat-Signal. When Commisioner Gordon next turns on the signal to call to Batman for help, he will inadvertantly electrocute the Caped Crusader! Managing to short circuit the Bat Signal, and to break free, Batman is soon back on the trail of the Signalman. In his desperation to escape, Signalman does not see the "Dead End" sign across the road upon which he is travelling and drives off a cliff edge before Batman can reach him.  
The back up feature in this issue stars Green Arrow in " Take me out of the ball game!" Our caper begins as the Elongated Man explains to Ollie that although he captured the Calculator just a fortnight ago, the villain in question has just escaped and is at large again! Accompanying his Justice League colleague to an archery demonstration at a ball game, EM is astonished as someone sabotages Green Arrow's tricks. Soon, the Calculator's name flashes up on the scoreboard. Using elaborate gimmickry, Calculator attacks GA with baseball clubs and whatever else is lying around. However, the Elastic qualities of EM come to GA's assistance, as the emerald archer uses Ralph as a springboard from which to land a haymaker on the Calculator's chin.

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