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Batman encounters the villain calling himself Captain Stingaree in "Slow down and die!" When Commisioner Gordon finds he cannot control the car he is driving, he naturally calls on the Caped Crusader for help. Eventually managing to turn off the engine, Batman is thrown clear of the vehicle, but the momentum of his actions clearly leave him wounded. As the ambulance arrives, it is none other than Stingaree - who was responsible for tampering with Gordon's car - who is disguised as a paramedic. A battle between Batman and stingaree ensues in the ambulance, but the villain releases a gas in the vehicle, knocking out the Caped Crusader as he manages to get out of the back door for air. The story concludes as Stingaree removes Batman's cowl to reveal...Michael Courtney? Needless to say, this is to be continued.., 
The back up story in this issue features Tim Trench, a private investigator from St. Louie, in "The cold fire caper!" On the trail of jewel thieves, Trench is distracted by an attractive female who asks him to take care of a precious diamond necklace for her. Trench agrees, but when he has the necklace checked out at the jewellers, he finds it is a fraud. The woman is in on the robbery and wants to throw Trench off the scent. Finally confronting his beautiful opponent, Trench points out that his gun is more powerful than hers and that she should hand herself over. The police find a stash of jewels in the woman's appartment.

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