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Batman stars in the "Heart of a Vampire". Upon entering an old mansion, Bruce Wayne and his butler Alfred come across some quaint old furniture. In one such chest their lies what appears to be a Vampire, who soon clashes with Batman. Using two pieces of wooden beams as a crucifix, the Batman forces the Vampire into a retreat. Disturbed by Alfred, the Vampire suddenly thinks he has the upper hand until Batman drives a stake through his heart - but wait.. his heart cannot be found! Batman and Alfred look into the history of the man they believe the Vampire to be. Ultimately, it turns out that the Vampire transplanted his heart into a ticking grandfather clock! Making like Green Arrow, Batman deceived the Vampire into thinking he is aiming for him - instead, he scores a bullseye in the clock face and the vampire instatly ages 100 years or so and dies.

Meanwhile, Hawkman and Hawkgirl star in the "Battle of the backfiring weapons!" Already defeated twice by a mysterious thief with the power of electricity seemingly at his fingertips, Hawkman is baffled as to how he might catch his opponent. Figuring that since his adversary can somehow use his ordinary weapons against him he should use something extraordinary, Hawkman opts for an ancient bronze mirror. The two next meet at the MIdway art museum, where the criminal is about to make his next raid. Trying to use his powers, the thief finds his power reflected back at him by the Hawks. Dazzled by the light, the man's ears are then subjected to the Bullroarer - a type of ancient bolas that give off tremendous noise. Capturing the man, the Hawks discover that he is being controlled by one of his distant descendants from the 47th century who wanted to know how his family became involved in science and managed to travel into the past to do so.

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