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Batman stars in "The deadly web of the crime exchange!" Batman is trapped. Either he picks up a gun from the table and shoots at the hoods who are ready to fire at him or faces certain death - and the seconds are ticking down. Hurling the gun at the big screen through which a hooded mastermind is calling the shots, Batman plunges the room into total darkness. Taking down the hoods with a minimum of fuss, Batman makes his escape. Returning in disguise as the hooded mastermind, Batman infiltrates the crime exchange and eventually overcomes the real gangland boss. Seems the finale was screened on live TV and someone from the press asks Batman, "Ever think of going on TV...Having your own series?" 
The back up story in this isssue features the Elongated Man in "The case of the reverse pick pocket!" Ralph Dibmy cannot believe his eyes when his wallet keeps being refilled with dollar bills. Seems that a criminal with the ability of a hypnotist is at work. Getting his victims to commit petty crimes and then give the proceeds away while he commits bigger offences, the hypnotist gets away with his scam until EM's famous twitching nose arrrives on the scene.







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