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"Bedlam Beneath the Big-Top" featured the conclusion of the tale which has seen Batman on the run for several issues. Accused of the murder of arch criminal Ra's Al Ghul and his daughter Talia, Batman has found an unlikely ally in The Creeper. Tracking a lead to the Circus big-top, Batman discovers a place of mystery among trick mirrors and a disguised circus actress reveals herself as none other than ..Talia! Taken aback by her sudden reappearance, Batman still manages to resist the proposal she brings him from her father. Before long, Ra's reveals himself alive too and there is an almighty showdown between Batman & the Creeper against Ra's league of assassins. The fight concludes as the circus tent catches fire, and as Batman, Creeper and Talia escape, Ra's embraces his fate. As Batman hands Talia over to Commissioner Gordon, the police chief warns Batman not to run and reminds him there is stil a warrant out for his arrest. Ignoring that instruction, Batman runs, and Gordon shoots him - or does he? Swearing he never fired the gun, Batman assures him that he is right - just as Batman was right to say he never fired the shot that "killed" Talia. Turns out Ra's had designed a weapon that he could operate through a micro circuit computer- no trigger pull necessary. Ra's had set Batman up but now his name was clear once more.

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