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The Batman story in this issue continues from the previous issue. Batman is on the run - wanted by the police for the suspected murder of Talia Al Ghul. When the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul fled a crime scene, she was shot in the back, and it was Batman with a gun in his hand. In "Break in at the Big House!" things only get worse for the Caped Crusader. Taking the guise of a prison guard, Batman visits Ra's Al Ghul - who immediately recognises him and knows why he is there. Ra's declares he has not only framed Batman for one murder but two as he produces a gun and shoots himself. As the shots ring out and the guards come running, Batman escapes via the underground tunnels used by the Spook in a number of prevoiius issues of Detective. Free - for now - the Darknight Detective is left wondering how he can clear his name, and the story continues next issue.

The reprint section of this 100 page issue begins with Star Hawkins in "The case of the Robot Spy!" from Strange Adventures #116. This is followed by Marty Moran who stars in "The Human Bomb" from Big Town #2, and Manhunters around the world, who encounter "The Swiss Border patrol" from Star Spangled Comics #105. "The case of the Crooked Gambler" is a short 4 page murder mystery from Gangbusters #5 and this is followed by a Roy Raymond adventure, "The Man Who slept 200 years!" from Detective, #222. The Elongated Man stars in a reprint from Detective #327 - "Ten Miles to Nowhere" while "24 Hours from death" was first printed in Gang Busters #25. This issues reprints conclude with Dr Mid-nite, who solves the "Case of the Talking Shadows" from All - American #101.

The issue concludes with a new adventure of Robin the Teen Wonder. Interrupting a robbery of sports memorabilia, Robin soon finds himself in the middle of a grudge that goes back 50 years. When a 70 year old man seeks revenge on a former team mate - by trying to blow up the very football stadia of his greatest triumph, it's up to Robin to kick the plan and the ball into touch!

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