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Batman and Manhunter star together in "Gottadamerung!" When the body of police officer who was trained in the martial arts is washed up in Gotham Bay, Batman follows a trail that leads to an encounter with Manhunter. Seems that the officer was killed by an agent of the organisation known as the Council, and Manhunter and his colleagues; Christine St Clair and Asano, have trailed the Council to Gotham. As the heroes attack the Council's HQ, they are met by someone calling himself the Enforcer. Batman overcomes him and discovers under the Enforcer's mask is a corrupted Dan Kingdom - the police officer they thought they had pulled out of the water earlier. (Seems that was a clone). Reaching the leader of the Council, Manhunter ensures Batman and the others are ready to escape, while he seemingly perishes in an ensuing explosion, along with the leader of the Council. Have we seen the last of Paul Kirk?

The reprints in this 100 page issue begin with a Golden Age adventure of the Spectre from More Fun Comics #65, and that is followed by Green Lantern (Alan Scott) in "The end of all sports" from All-American Comics #98. "The Coming of the Creeper" reprints his first appearance from Showcase #73, While Batman and Robin encounter Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee in "The Secret of Hunter's Inn" from Batman # 18.

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