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Batman stars in "Judgement day" Someone has taken Robin captive and Batman needs to find out why and quickly. Lured to an old estate, Batman finds himself facing someone calling himself "The judge." The Judge blames Batman for the fact that his daughter is blind and now he plans revenge by making Batman watch as Robin suffers a slow death by drowning, just as he has to watch his own daughter suffering blindness day by day. The truth is that Batman saved the young woman.s life - she was about to be murdered when Batman caught the would be killer - but a stray bullet clipped her on the temple and caused her blindness. The young woman eventually helps Robin escape and and the Caped Crusader watches, the Teen Wonder captures the judge.

The reprints section in this 100 page issue begins with Plastic Man in a Golden Age story simply called "Plastic Man" from issue #3 of his own magazine. Batman and Robin then star in a Golden Age adventure, "The case of the prophetic pictures" from Detective#42 and this is followed by Ibis the Invincible in a battle with "Holocaust, god of destruction!" a Golden Age reprint from Whiz Comics #95. Eclipso stars in "The two faces of doom" which first appeared in House of Secrets #66, then its "Alias the Spider" from Crack Comics #25 and "The Carbon Copy Crimes" featuring the Dynamic Duo from Batman #38 concludes the reprints this time around.

The final stroy in this issue is a new Manhunter tale. Manhunter and his co-traveller, Interpol agent Christine St Clair enter a Church in Istanbul as their search for Damon Nostrand continues. They don't find him, but do find a heap of trouble in the shape of unscrupulous monks and choir boys. In the ensuing mayhem, Manhunter and St. Clair take their leave to continue their search.

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