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This issue features

Batman in "Ghost Mountain Midnight!"

Manhunter in "Cobras of the Deep!" Reprinted from Adventure Comics #79.

Hawkman in "The Fear That Haunted Hawkman" Reprinted from Hawkman #3.

Doll Man in "A Million-Dollar Corpse" Reprinted from Feature Comics #123.

Green Lantern in "Too Many Suspects" Reprinted from Green Lantern #37.

Batman and Robin in "The Inside Story of the Outsider!"Reprinted from Detective Comics #356.

Manhunter in "Chapter 4 Rebellion"

Wounded, and hunted by Manhunter, Damon Nostrand makes a desperate attempt to fulfill his directive from the Council and destroy Christine St. Claire and Paul Kirk; an attempt that leads to Nostrand's death. Manhunter continues to elaborate on the Council and explains that they had him cloned and genetically enhanced so that he could head their enforcement branch. Kirk also confesses that he had been sent to assassinate Nostrand. When he tried to warn Nostrand of the Council's plan it was revealed that the assignment was a test, one which Manhunter failed. His rebellion lead to an all out war with the Council. Later, Christine discovers some of Nostrand's files in his hotel, which indicate that before pursuing them, he had made both Manhunter and Christine fugitives.

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