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Batman stars in "Night of the stalker" As dawn breaks over Gotham City, Batman faces a scene that brings painful memories flooding back to him. A bank robber shoots a woman who is in his way and leaves a young boy orphaned. Almost paralysed by the vision before him and theh similarities it bears to his own experiences, Batman cannot react quickly enough to prevent the robber and his chorts from escaping. However, he is soon on their trail and using one of his greatest assets - fear - the Caped Crusader captures the gang members one by one.

The reprint section of this 100 page issue begins with a Golden Age Hawkman story as he and Hawkgirl encounter the Gentleman Ghost "The Riddle of the clown!" Next up its the Atom in a Time Pool tale, "the Gold Hunters of '49." This is followed by a Golden Age story of Doctor Fate, and while this doesn't tell his origin, it seems it could be his first appearance. Batman and Robin then star in "Batman's bewitched nightmare," while the Elongated Man is faced with "The Tantalizing Troubles of the Tripod Thieves." Appearing in the latter two stories (but not that you would guess it from the Batman and Robin tale) is Zatanna, who is continuuing the search for her missing father, Zatara. The reprint section concludes with a Kid Eternity tale from the Golden Age.

The issue concludes with a new Manhunter tale. Interpol agent Christine St. Clair has found Manhunter wounded from a fight. Rather than arreat him, she hears his story - how as a young man he was nearly killed and his life was only saved by an old Nepalese monk. As he concludes his tale, Christine's superior from Interpol arrives on the scene. Manhunter leaps into action and reveals that her "superior" is nothing but a clone - the real Damon Nostrand is elsewhere.

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