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Batman stars in "A Monster walks Wayne manor!" When Alfred is nearly killed by a mysterious behemoth, Batman investigates what is goin on. A lumbering hulk of a being - Ubu - one of Ra's Al Ghul's servants has come to Wayne Manor in order to escape from a Russian Oligarch who is seeking to use him for his experiments. Filled with a variety of chemicals, Ubu has gone berserk. Finding his way to the Batcave due to the knowledge of Ra's Al Ghul, he hopes to avoid being bothered anymore by the outside world. However, as Batman manages to ovecome Ubu, the giant falls back and impales himself on a splintered railing. Batman then takes a certain amount of joy out of slugging the smug Russian.

Next up in this 100 page issue is the Atom in a reprint of his meeting with Zatanna from Atom #19, "World of the magic atom." Then Hawkman stars in a reprint from one of his Brave and Bold adventures, "The Men who moved the world." This is followed by Batman and Robin starring in "Gotham Gang line-up" from Detective #327 (The famous issue which featured the death of Alfred), and the reprints section concludes with Green Lantern in "The house that fought Green Lantern!"

The issue concludes with a new Manhunter adventure. Interpol are trying to track down the peron known only as Manhunter. Their difficulty is that he keeps popping up all over the world - Nepal, Calcutta, Brazil - and seemingly he has no end of impersonators. Inter-pol deduce Manhunter is none other than Paul Kirk - a man with super human powers of recovery, who they thought to be dead, and agent Christine St Clair is given the assignment of tracking him down.

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