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There's a riot going on at Gotham Penitentiary and Batman is called in to get to the source of the problem. Discovering a gang leader with a number of hostages, Batman allows himself to become another hostage and seemingly offers to help the men leading the riot to escape. Batman agrees to bring the Batcopter and lower a rope so that the gang and their hostages can get away. Just as the gang ringleader is climbing the ladder to the Bat-copter, Batman makes a sharp manouver and the crook falls into the waiting arms of the prison guards. 
Meanwhile, Batgirl finds herself in New Mexico, where her father, Commisioner Gordon has been kidnapped. Entering the local police office, she discovers the son of the chief of police is also captive to the same gang. Following her detective insticts, Batgirl trails the mob and eventually secures the release of the Commisioner and the son of the local policeman. At the end of the tale we once again are left in no doubt that Jim Gordon knows the identity of Batgirl. 
Also reprinted in this issue is an Alfred adventure, "Police Line Up!" From Batman #24 and "The riddle of the doomed magicians!" from Detective #205.

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