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In the opening story, Batman is impressed by the fighting skills of a local boxer, who tells him that someday he dreams of being a fighter like the Caped Crusader. Batman joins him in the ring and points out his deficiencies. Later in the tale, the fighter's sister is killed, and Batman invites the grieving man to join him in the search for her killer. When they do find him, both Batman and the boxer are wearing Batman costumes, and as one Batman knocks the other out in order to catch the killer, which one catches him - and which is out cold? 
In the Batgirl story, the real Batgirl returns to the scene just in time to assist Commissioner Gordon as he is confronted by a gang of police killers, which includes a fake Batgirl. In the ensuing melee, Batgirl absent mindedly calls Commisioner Gordon "dad" and when she is later wounded in the battle, he accompanies her to the hospital. In the final panel the reader is left in no doubt that Jim Gordon knows the secret idenyity of Batgirl and has done for some time. 
Back up stories in this issue are "Alfred, armchair detective" from Batman # 31 and "The Mystery that Edgar Allan Poe solved" from Gangbusters #49.

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