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Batman once again encounters Man-Bat, whom he met for the first time in the previous issue of Detective. Last time out, Batman thought Kirk Langstrom was merely wearing a costume - until the distraught Man-Bat flew off in a rage, wishing that were true. Now, Langstrom is about to marry the love of his life, Francine Lee - only Batman arrives at the ceremony to expose him as Man-Bat.

Langstrom flies off, and Francine declares that she still loves him, and asks Batman to help her find him. As she tells Batman the story of her relationship with Langstrom, it emerges that to prove her love to him, she has allowed herself to undergo the same experiments that he did, and she removes her human face mask to reveal that she is a female equivalent of what Langstrom has become.  
In the ensuing battle, Batman manages to inject and antidote into both Male and Female Man-Bat's, and Kirk and Francine return to their human forms - for now. 
In the follow up story, Batgirl finds herself captured by a group of terrorists, who are threatening to destroy a key building in Gotham. Escaping her trap, Batgirl captures the brains behind the outfit and also frees a young female student who has mistakenly got caught up in something out of her depth.

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