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Attack of the Jokers

Tony S. Daniel wraps up the Doll Maker story line by once again drawing and writing issue four of Detective Comics. Batman wakes up to find himself strung up like a puppet facing a bunch of stitched up Joker puppets on strings. Whoever is paying for Batman to be their trophy wants him to put on a show first. Olivia, the little girl, appears to to go to the dark side all the while helping Commissioner Gordon. The Penguin sends a messenger to the Doll Maker to announce he will double the pay to have Batman delivered alive to him and then return the body to him. Batman fights to escape this dire situation.

This story line ends but it's not a perfect ending. The bad guys escape, the good guys live, Bruce 'pleases' Charlotte, and there's someone on the inside of the Gotham City Police Department and Wayne Enterprises helping the Doll Maker. Even though it's not the best ending or the ending we may have wanted, there were some small things to like. Olivia's turn to the dark side and then Gordon comforting her was a nice touch. And even though it doesn't make much sense, the fact that the Joker has mourners who are building him shrines outside the G.C.P.D station because that's where Joker's 'face' is being kept is kinda cool.

Tony's art starts off looking a bit weird with page one but picks up immediately. Again, there are no two page splashes but there are a couple of nice full one page artwork. The last page is especially foretelling.

This story line wraps up but still leaves us with questions. It's clear that the Doll Maker will be back at some point but more importantly, where is Joker and what is he doing with out a face? While the Doll Maker was a cool story, we'd much rather see what's going on with the Joker. And like I said, why does the Joker have followers and mourners? They are building him shrines? It doesn't make sense, but I kind of like that idea. It's not the ending I wanted or expected but I can't wait to see where Detective Comics goes!


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