delphic's Detective Comics #4 - The Main Event review

Worst Puppet Show Ever

Of all the Batbooks that are out right now this will probably be the one that I will drop first if Tony S. Daniel remains on the book. The issue starts off with Batman as a captive of the Dollmaker and he is fighting a slew of fake jokers in an area while his limbs are bonded with high tensile wire. From there the story doesn’t go much further than Batman escaping and Dollmaker getting away. This issues biggest problem is that nothing happens at all. No character development, no story development, no interesting new twists, no anything. Like I said earlier, I’m probably going to drop this title with all the other Batbooks available, and if you haven’t picked up this title yet, do yourself a favor and don’t bother. It’s only saving grace—and I wouldn’t really call it that—Is a mysteriously homicidal little girl named Olivia, but other than that pick another title.

Posted by RazzaTazz


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    The Good: This is around the worst I've ever seen Tony Daniel's art, personaly. This is in The Good because Tony Daniel's art is absolutely incredible. I'm just not a huge fan of the new direction he's taking with it. While the interrogation scene is really pointless, it's extremely well done. Batman is downright terrifying, even knowing he won't kill doesn't change that moment.The fight scenes in this issue are excellent as usual. I especially loved the bizarre movement quality the Joker puppet...

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