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When trying to stop some crooks on Pirate Bluff, Batman and Robin soon find that their weapons are turned against them, and actually attack them. Freeing themselves, they later find out this is just the latest in attacks made on them by the mysterious Outsider.
Taunted by the villain over the Batphone, the dynamic duo learn that the Outsider is using a special golden bead that when, exposed to a special kind of radiation, could allow him to animate lifeless objects. Finished explaining he then makes the Batmobile come to life and attack them. Batman and Robin manage to stop the Batmobile, however it explodes and dust from the debrit coats their costumes.
Returning to Wayne Manor, Batman gets a call from Commissioner Gordon telling him that some thieves entered the Athletic Hall of Fame, however when some police officers tried to follow them, they were stopped by an invisible barrier, and a message proclaiming at only Batman can enter appeared above it.
Rushing to the Batcave, Batman is suddenly attacked by his own devices until he realizes that the dust on his costume from the Batmobile explosion stops them. Coming up with a solution, Batman takes more of the dust from Robin's costume and is able to get past the barrier at the Athletic Hall of Fame and stop the crooks.
Returning home, Batman (in his identity of Bruce Wayne) is just in time for Dick to return from his prom with an idea on how to block the Outsider from using his device on them, by blocking his signal in the future.

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