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A series of strange robberies are committed by a man who can apparently tear open a bank vault with his bare hands and jump sixty feet. This person turns out to be Wally Hewitt, who turns himself over to the police demanding to be locked up. When in a jail cell he explains to them that he was considered worthless by his peers due to his lack of athletic prowess. He then began studying bionic and built a device that could transfer the abilities of one animal and give them to another. When he tried to use it on a gorilla, the beast became super intelligent and evil and mentally forced Wally to commit the crimes.

Finishing his story, he is suddenly compelled to break out, and soon finds himself in a battle against Batman and Robin, forced to do so by command of Karmak the Gorilla. However, Karmak then tricks Batman into battling him directly, and uses Wally's device to gain all Batman's abilities. Sometime later, Karmak returns with a bomb strapped to his chest threatening to blow up all of Gotham City.

Batman deduces that if he holds the Gorilla off the ground, the bomb will no explode when the time reaches zero, and so Batman over powers the beast and manages to hold it over his head until the bomb runs out of time and deactivates. Afterwards, Batman tells Wally that if he's interested he can speak to his good friend Bruce Wayne to get him a job at the Alfred Foundation.

  • Commission Gordon was mentioned but not seen.
  • The "Hot-Line" phone was mentioned twice.

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