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Bruce Wayne and Dick Grason were enjoying breakfast when they are interrupted by a call on the Batphone. Commissioner Gordon has them look at the latest Lifestyle magazine which features a photo of Albert Maunch, who resembles a crook named Frank Prangel, a crook which escaped Batman's capture. As Batman and Robin, they fly to England to take Maunch in, however when they arrive they realize it was a case of mistaken identity as Maunch was not the man they were looking for but had a family resemblance. Maunch invites them to stay for dinner, and Batman and Robin soon stumble upon a series of traps and are attacked by thugs while staying at the castle. They soon learn the truth and find Frank Prangel in a secret room threatening Albert. Frank is knocked out, and the story behind everything is reavealed to by Albert: Frank Prangel is Albert's brother Vincent, who went to America to be a crook. Albert however learned that the castle that he now lives in was where a number of Nazi's who escaped capture during World War 2 came to hide some of their loot. When Vincent learned this he locked up Albert's wife and child and forced him into loyaltee.

With Vincent captured and locked behind bars, Albert was free to find the hidden treasure and report it to the world.

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