fenderxx's Detective Comics #32 - Icarus, Part Three review


Do you remember that time Batman fought a Squid? Well, that happened today in DC's flagship title, Detective Comics. Writer/Colorist Brian Buccellato and Artist Francis Manapul are moving on up in the world of comics from their last title, The Flash, to the dark knight himself. This new creative team took over at issue #30, so I would recommend starting there to get the full story. Batman is tracking down a new drug called Icarus that has hit the Gotham streets. However, Batman is not getting his normal support from Jim Gordon, but has to work both with and against officer Harvey Bullock. Comic readers and non-comic readers alike all know the Batman/Jim Gordon relationship all too well, and it is nice to change it up a bit and put the spotlight on another officer at Gotham Central. For example, Harvey has two cats ...I did not see that coming ... just saying. Buccellato has a fantastic grasp on all of the characters' voices and the story stays fresh and fun the whole way through. The art really shines on this book as Manapul draws some amazing scenes, and Buccellato, who not only writes, but also adds the colors, creates a cool, dark, and gritty atmosphere but without just using a lot of black and dark grays. I really enjoy the direction this book is heading in because if feels like a true detective story. I know that the word detective is in the title but a lot of creators have just been making this another bat-book, and that is fine, but this book needs to step away and become a true dark knight detective story. This will put Detective Comics on the top of that stack.


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