crazyscarecrow's Detective Comics #30 - The Return of Doctor Death review

Dr. Death Cheats Death!

This comic contain many historical things. One being that Batman gained a recurring villain with the likes of Dr. Death and two being that this is the first comic that features the use of the Batmobile despite it being unfamiliar to our modern eyes.

So let's start with the cover! Very interesting and it totally would've caught my attention with the art and the coloring. I think this may be for the Slam Bradley feature (a character who was the original star of Detective Comics created by the same men who created Superman) and should be noted one of the last covers of a Detective Comics that does not show the likes of something Batman related.

The story was overall entertaining. At the beginning it had a small panel on what happened in the last issue then truly began with a panel of Bruce Wayne reading the paper. As he reads upon a murder in the paper he suspects it to be the work of Dr. Death. Bruce goes to the visit the wife of the victim and gains more information why the murder may have happened. After gaining enough information Bruce takes on the mantle of Batman and looks further into it. Meanwhile, we go to see Dr. Death ,who looks very much like the Negative Man from Doom Patrol, as he explains how he cheated his death and his evil plan to his henchman. Of course after that his henchman goes on with the plan only to be chased and taken down by Batman for a good couple of pages. At the end Batman does meet Dr. Death in a disguise and of course takes him down.

The story was a nice follow up of Detective Comics No. 29. The story was entertaining and the art as always have that classic charm and gives hints showing that Batman was still a new character. This isn't a comic I would recommend to everyone. Only those who are interested in the Villain History of Batman.

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