crazyscarecrow's Detective Comics #28 review

Batman and the "Jool" Theif

Detective Comics #28 is not only the comic with the second appearance of Batman, but also the second review of mine here on Comic Vine. So lets begin! The cover is nothing exciting by today's standards though I do suppose back in 1939 when it was released it would've been because fans of Detective Comics must've loved the cop stories. The art by Fred Guardineer on the cover is great. Now on to the Batman story! So in this story by Bill Finger, Bruce Wayne (aka the Batman!) over hears a young paper boy shouting the headline of a "jool" thief in the city. Being Batman, Bruce goes on the case. We see the Dark Knight do some pretty cool things in this story such as tricking the police station's stool pigeon by using his best Commissioner Gordon voice, we see Batman frame himself, kick a thug of a building, and threatening the ringmaster of the "jool" heist by dangling him off a building. So overall a great early Batman story and one that shows how aggressive he was early on and his wits. The art in this book is grand! We see Bob Kane's pencils of a early Batman, we get good inks also by Bob Kane, and colors by someone whom we do not know of.

It is a great early Batman story though I wouldn't say it be one of those Batman stories that you need to read. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

-Crazy Scarecrow


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