the_angry_comic_book_critic's Detective Comics #27 - The Case of the Chemical Syndicate review

Dectective Comics #27

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
          Ah here we are another Golden Age Classic only this time instead of the the boy scout we get THE DARK KNIGHT! Now this is one of those rare golden age books which I would actually consider buying. Mind you it would have to be in shit condition to be anywhere near my price range cause wow 500 grand is a pretty penny.The most I've every paid for a comic was maybe fifty bucks.
          Alright then out of all the costumes Batman has used over the years the one from his 1st appearance has to be my favorite one I don't know what it is maybe it's the cowl or the cape but I digress long story short it just looks awesome. Out of the many golden age comics I've read this one actually has a pretty interesting story to it. It is a mystery to be unlocked about owners of a chemical plant being picked off one by one by a series of murders working for one criminal mastermind and Batman is in a race against time to stop it but mostly falls short till the end of the issue where he obviously emerges victorious. Now the Artwork here is slightly better then artwork for Action Comics #1 but again the same problem of villains comes up only this time the writer made the story interesting even without the use of great villains cause in his own right batman was a villain of sorts in his earliest appearances he had absolutely no problems killing any criminal who got in his way. He was sort of like Big Daddy from The Kick Ass movie minus the Adam West persona using guns and good old fashioned street fighting to take down his enemies only unlike his modern day counter part he played for keeps. 
            Well that's it not much to else to say for an eight page comic and this baby gets the stamp of approval.

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Posted by caesarsghost

I appreciate you going back to the golden age to do some reviews- just because it is old does not mean it is not fantastic and your review shows that this particular story withstands the test of time.
Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic
@caesarsghost:  Don't mention it I like transcend time in my reviews I go through the past, present and future of comics on rare occasion I get to read certain books a few days early due contests and connections I have and such but this review I'm less proud of as it was a rush job so I might re do it in the future
Posted by Liberty

I have to ask how did you get a chance to read this book?  Also I am glad I am not the only one giving reviews for older books.  Although mine only go back as far as the silver age for the most part.

Posted by KentAllard

"Out of the many golden age comics I've read this one actually has a pretty interesting story to it. "   
This is because the plot of this story is actually from a Shadow novel from Nov. 1936, by Theodore Tinsley, "Partners of Peril."  Both Bill Finger and Bob Kane acknowledge this "borrowing" of the story.  Batman used to use a gun because The Shadow used one.  It is nice to note that the parallels between the Dark Knight and the Knight of Darkness go back to the very beginnings of Batman.  You can get "Partners of Peril," along with the Walter Gibson penned  "Lingo," as book "Shadow #9, " from for $13.00.

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