capn_carrot's Detective Comics #23 - Bat and Mouse; Marital Abyss review

I'm going to have some Wrath of my own if this storyline continues much longer

The Wrath storyline continues with a ridiculous martial arts sparring session/business conversation between Bruce Wayne and E.D. Caldwell and Alfred doing a little snooping which will land the butler in hot water before all is said and done. We also get more of the Man-Bat back-up story. Groan.

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    Detective Comics #23 0

    The GoodEver since Layman came aboard, Detective Comics, needless to say, has improved greatly. It has, in fact, over the course of time grown on me and what was before one of the worst titles of the New 52 is now better than Snyder's Batman itself, in my opinion of course, as many people would disagree. However, does John keep up the quality of the book with a thrilling plotline here? Partially, yes. While the story is quite entertaining and the interaction between the characters is fun, there...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

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