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Play Boy

Tony S. Daniel once again writes and draws Detective Comics issue two. The story picks up where the last issue ended. Someone helped Joker escape Arkham Asylum, however he's missing his face as it was nailed to the wall. Batman and Gordon are tracking down "the uncle" who has taken the little girl, Olivia, from the hospital. He is Ray Quimby, a criminal who helped a serial killer named Wesley Mathis, who like the current serial killer in Gotham mutilated bodies and took organs. They don't believe it's a coincedince and track Quimby down but are drawn into a trap.

Issue two is a fine issue that continues from the shocking ending of the last issue. We still have a lot of great inner dialogue from Batman, but we also get to see him as the playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne. Like his current girlfriend reporter Charlotte Rivers says, he must have a clone to be everywhere all the time. We get another scene of Batman and Gordon together and Daniel really knows how to portray their partnership and friendship. We also are introduced to the new villain, the Doll Maker and his family. They are creepy and disgusting and I absolutely love the way they are portrayed.

Once again, Daniel nails the art. He even gives us a some more beautiful two pages splashes. Again, the villains are depicted very awesomely. Mrs. Rivers also pops out at the reader. Bruce realizes this too when she tells him "my eyes are up here."

Once again, we are given another shocking ending. While it's doesn't have as much shock value as issue one did, you are still concerned and want to immediately jump into the next issue. This is shaping up to be an interesting story with an incredibly dark and twisted new villain. Once again, I have no complaints although I can't help but wonder if the shocker endings might be going to far. In fact, some might say the story is too dark and gory, but I don't think so!


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