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Face Off!

Tony S. Daniel both writes and draws the first issue of DC's New 52 relaunch of Detective Comics. It's clear from both of Tony's duties that he's a big fan of the Batman. Batman is hunting the Joker, curious as to why many of his acquaintances are being murdered. And not just murdered, but bodies being mutilated, organs removed, and even the removal of some of their faces. Batman tracks the Joker down, but he doesn't find any answers. When he finds the Joker, he is naked and brutally stabbing a strange person wearing a mask made of skin. The Joker escapes but there is a witness, a young girl, the daughter of the man who was just murdered.

This first issue is a fine introduction to the Batman world. We get lots of great inner dialogue from Batman. It's a great thought process as we get to see the inside of the 'detectives' mind. The Joker is just as crazy (and humorous) as ever, and he's pretty clever. And he still loves to murder. Alfred the butler is lovable and wise and Commissioner James Gordon is still the only one on the Dark Knight's side.

The art is great and fits the style of the book perfectly. It's dark and gorgeous. Look at the cover. If you like that look, then you will love what's on the inside. Pages two and three make a great two page splash. And when Batman finally arrives at the Bat Signal to talk to Gordon looks perfect as well.

But the highlight of the book is the last page. It's so shocking, disturbing, and gory, it's bound to make you come back for more!

It's a great start to Detective Comics! We get some great stuff from the Joker and hints at a new villain. There's really nothing to not like about this issue!

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