Survive a Blast from Destroyer Armor Odin!!!!

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This is a durability test. Odin wearing the Destroyer Armor is putting all his power into one disintegration beam. He hits one opponent at a time. Each person is full ready to take the blast. Full shields up for those who have them. Absorption powers on for those who have them.  Do they get obliterated, near death, fazed or  "did the wind just blow"? 

Iron Man
Black Adam
Superboy Prime
WB Hulk
Sue Storm
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This is not a battle, it's a question so it should be in the Destroyer Armor Forum.

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Since when is Ganthet durable in the leugues of Kryptonians?? So, they're just gonna take this shot and see who has the durability to withstand it and who will be unnafected? Or are they putting up shields those that have them?
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@Nobody:  Are not all battles a question? Ex: Superman vs Black Adam. Is that not really asking "who would win in a fight between Superman and Black Adam?" If it were not a question then we would not need answers. Also its a battle between Destroyer Armor Odin vs these specific characters durability. Two opposing forces collide and you see who the victor is. That's a battle. Should i change the title to "Destroyer Armor Odin vs These People? would that get it back into the battle forums?
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"3. Battles
  • As much as this should be self-explanatory it is not. This is used for actual fights between 2 or more people. Just because it’s a “versus” does not make it a battle. They have to actually be fighting, otherwise it's an Off-Topic or General Discussions depending if it involves comics or not.
  • An example of a topic that does NOT belong in the battle forums is: the Simpsons vs Family Guy, which show is better? This is NOT a battle, it’s just asking which show is better.
  • Battle rules can be found here.
  • Battle related threads, such as questions whether <inser character>'s powers should be included or asking who's the best battle debater should be directed to this thread. That way it doesn't clutter up the battle forums to show actual battles."
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I'd vouch for Thanos and Tyrant 
Thanos has survived blasts from Kosmos, Galactus, Odin without the Destroyer armor and the being Omega, which was described as twice as powerful as Galactus, among others. Between his force fields, his armor and his durability, he would survive.  
Tyrant is as powerful as Galactus is. So long as he has been keeping his energy reserves high he should survive. 


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