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The 3 of them first started thinking about going to other places when Kairi came to the island. Riku started to wonder whether or not there were other worlds out there other then their small piece of it. Then to explore their idea they start to build a raft to go to other places from the Destiny Islands. They gathered supplies and then for fun Riku challenged Sora to a race. The winner would get to name their boat and they would give Kairi the Paopu fruit. Sora manages to win and he names the boat the Highwind. Sora then adventures into the hidden entrance in the trees near the waterfall.

Inside Sora notices a strange man there who talks about other worlds. When Sora talks to Kairi about quitting for the day they decide to rest that day after gathering there supplies. During that night Sora looks outside during the night and notices that there was a big storm out there and tries to go out there and save the raft. While out there Sora notices strange creatures and tries to fight them with his wooden sword but it proves ineffective. Sora then sees Riku and he runs towards him. Riku starts to talk of other worlds and darkness. Riku then disappears but Sora has now obtained the Keyblade.

The Keyblade manages to hit the Heartless and Sora goes inside the hidden entrance. Sora sees Kairi and he tries to grab her when an immense amount of wind pours out from the door but she was only a shadow of sorts. Sora then gets blown out onto the only piece of rock that's left of Destiny Islands. Here Sora fights a gigantic heartless. Sora defeats the heartless and it gets sucked up by the floating ball of darkness above the island. Sora also gets sucked up and he ends up in Traverse Town.

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