Are there more than one?

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I have been wondering about this because of his frequent appearances in battle threats, who seems to favor Despero's hulking redskinned form,you know the one that's physically on par with Superman.

But as i understand, that wasnt how he looked in the begining, where he was basically the version that appeared in Time Masters, with purple scaly skin and the build of an average joe. This was the same version that appeared in the JL cartoon.


Question is; Are there more than one Despero? Who is the real, in that case? If only one, how did he gain the superstrength and how did he loose them again? And lastly, will it be nessesary to mention which Despero employed in a battle thread?

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@Outside_85: No they are the same, Despero has gone through some changes! and BTW his hulking form is much stronger than superman.................

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