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The first Black Talon was a man named Desmond Drew who led a voodoo cult that practiced human sacrifices. Desmond Drew had no true supernatural powers but his mother named Mama Limbo was a blind houngan that used real mystic power to fool others into believing he was serving a "Dark Lord". Mama Limbo wanted her son to kidnap and kill four virgins so she can bathe in their blood to restore her youth and beauty. A girl named Loralee Tate was targeted by the cult but she managed to flee from them and get help from Jericho Drumm who is better known as Brother Voodoo. Mama Limbo stunned Brother Voodoo as he engaged his son in combat and was bounded to a giant cross. Drumm managed to break free and Mama Limbo was killed by the falling remains of the cross. The other cultist realized Desmond Drew was an imposter and beat him to death.

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