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 Night Sky Vigilante
After the death of their father in the line of duty, Joe Morgan (Derek's brother) was left with the responsability of taking care of him. While Joe became a police officer like their father, Derek decided to doll out justice in his own way.  Derek began using his mutant power in a vigilante style, and besides protecting people he was robbing burglars, so his brother became suspicious of how he was able to pay his share of the rent and still be unemployed. One night while his brother was on patrol, Derek stopped a mugger but was just close enough to be seen by Joe's partner.  Though she could not identify Derek, she now knew that the angelic vigilante was a mutant and not a celestial figure.   
 Meeting Jimmy and Karen
The authorities ordered to capture this winged vigilante by any means, so Joe went out on patrol.  Derek swooped down and pick up his brother and then revealed his identity to his brother while flying above the Hudson River.  When Derek refused to allow himself to be arrested on the sole fact that he is a mutant, Joe fired his gun at his brother and then both fell in the water.  Derek was saved by Jimmy Hudson and Karen Grant, while his brother was rescued by the police.  He decided to leave with the duo, while Karen Grant deleted his brother's memory of what happened and made him believe he got a job and left home. 

Powers & Abilities

Derek Morgan is a mutant who is able to shift between a human form and a winged avian form.  His avian form has vertically slitted eyes, razor-sharp talons and prehensile wings; in this form he is able to fly at high speeds.  He appears to have above average strength, able to lift his older brother aloft in the air for several minutes showing no signs of distress of weakening.   He may also possess enhanced durability and healing.

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