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As a Sanctuary thief, Dendrin suffered from an infatuation with the unattainable assassin, Cassandra. When Lusiphur began flirting "with Cassy, Dendrin planned an ambush to discourage Luse from further advances. Bludgeoning him with a lead pipe, the thief threatened to kill him just before the elf succumbed to unconsciousness. The feeling of power and superiority was fleeting for Dendrin. Soon afterward, the vengeful elf ambushed Dendrin and his gang of hoodlums in a Mandrathan alley. All fell dead at Luse's feet, save for Dendrin. The human swore to serve as Luse's servant, and to never again to interfere in Cassy's life.

Lusiphur would later release Dendrin from servitude, feeling  pressure from Sanctuary's masters, the elf needed friends, not potential enemies. The human thief would later reveal to Lusiphur that Cassy had died - that she had slit her own throat (though he inaccurately reported that a police officer on the scene would not allow a healer to mend her). On the evening of Sanctuary's dissolution, Dendrin discovered Morachi’s plan to unleash the e'jja Widowmaker. Contrary to his nature, the thief marshaled the guild members to mutiny. After chaos broke out, he hid behind Serendeh's mystic defenses until the magician teleported him to the safety.

When Lusiphur put together his team to rescue Jace and Wisp, Dendrin was one of the first to respond. He would start flirting with Hyena Luse’s ex-wife which at first denied his advance then seemed to start succumbing to them.

What Was To Be…

Before the passing of Drew Hayes he had laid out plans for the future of Poison Elves. Dendrin would survive and he would have a serious relationship with Hyena.    

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