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For centuries the demon has offered people immortality in exchange for protection and souls, the last person the demon made this deal with was an old aquaintanse of the Shade named Merrick. Merrick would put the poster up in a location and would wait for it to claim a passerby's soul, then Merrick would remove the poster and move on. This worked for centuries until The shade intervened with the help of Matt O'Dare,they managed to hold off the poster's forces momentarily until Matt was sucked in and The Shade soon followed. Jack Knight was informed of this and ventured into the poster to try and get them out. The demon made them each face their own metaphorical demons and each off them offered their souls in exchange for the other captured souls. the demon couldn't accept a selfless deal and as a result let all the souls go and revoked Merrick's immortality. The demon had many forms a tentacled monster, a goat like beast and a generic red goat legged demon.

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