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After Anjulie seduced Kymri's father, usurped the throne, and banished Kymri, she summoned forth this creature in order to gain even more power than she already had. Once summoned, it began feeding on the planet's primal life-force, effectively taking away all magic that existed on the planet. When Excalibur arrived, each of its members found that their own powers wouldn't work on the planet, as the creature started draining them as soon as they arrived. Anjulie appeased the demon by feeding it people and creatures with strong life-forces, such as Captain Britain and Meggan.

When Nightcrawler discovered Anjulie wasn't as innocent as she'd pretended, he teamed up with Kymri to overthrow her. It was when they confronted her that they first saw the demon as it fed on Nightcrawler's friends. Anjulie was rather easily defeated, but the creature still remained. It captured Nightcrawler and Kymri, and also started to feed on Shadowcat. Nightcrawler noticed however that the creature seemed to shy away from Rachel Summers. Going with his insincts, Nightcrawler grabbed Rachel and tossed her into the monster's mouth. Due to her link with the Phoenix Force, an entity of pure life-force energy, Rachel proved to contain too much energy for the creature to contain and it exploded, freeing Excalibur and bringing an end to the machinations of Anjulie's evil.

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