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Etrigan and the Immortal Witch 0

I REALLY want to like these Demon Knights covers more than I do. Don't get me wrong, there have been some GREAT covers for this series. This one is no exception, but my heart just isn't in the praise because it's got Etrigan AGAIN. It's getting ridiculous, I know he's the most well known of the bunch, but he's not the 'headliner' like Frankenstein. Pushing him over the others only makes sense from a P.R. perspective, which rarely meshes with a 'good storytelling' perspective. Thankfully this phi...

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We've all been wondering 0

This obviously intended as a "breather" issue after the action which preceded it, but being a chance to pause for the series does not mean this is any weaker based on its story writing.  As is most important with such a series, it is in the lulls where the series defines itself, not during the action and it has done well here describing the background of Xanadu and how she came to be together with Jason Blood.  This story is one which has been waiting to be told, but we learn here the real motiv...

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Fine, I'll stop complaining about it 0

It's been a while since we've looked at Demon Knights. I always fall behind in the summer unfortunately. Today we have an issue that I have a sneaking suspicion was written after Paul Cornell read my previous reviews and decided to explain why Etrigan doesn't Rhyme as often as he should. Okay Paul, let's see what you got.So, we start this review with our old pal, Vandal Savage trying to cover his ass by explaining that he had planned to betray the horde all along. Naturally, no one buys it, acce...

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