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Without there actually being a definite story arc in this series, this can probably be easily defined as the last issue of the first story arc at the beginning of this series.  As is all too often the case with story arcs, the penultimate issue is the better and that happens here as well.  The plot as it runs here is a little too forced at times, with the too-convenient retreat by the attacking forces.  There are a lot of good points here though - the return of Madame Xanadu and the inexplicable actions of Savage most notably - and really this is a pretty good issue, just it seems like it could have been taken a little farther.  There is likely to be a bit of a lull in the series now as the next issue will explain a lot more of what happened, and the reader who has gotten this far in the series can only hope that the plot developments in this series will rise to the same level as the action.  


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    So we start off with Jason Blood in hell meeting that preacher who Etrigan roasted in his own fat. Somehow, the priest getting tortured is what's need to save the group. We then see the demon knights fighting the horde and Vandal Savage revealing that he joined the horde to raid the Queen's supply convoy. The Queen and her whipped Boyfriend decide to enter the fray themselves. Madame Xanadu's youth is restored thanks to the tears of an innocent in hell. Then... wait, did he just... He DID. Etrig...

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    Buy this. 0

    Buy this series. Go out now and do it. Just... don't finish this review, or even this sentence. Go to comixology and download it, or make the trek to a store and get it. Just... go.Now, for the review... This issue was EPIC. This is a sword and sorcery comic done right, and everything about this series just works so well. Paul Cornell is a fantastic author, and this issue nicely wraps things up for this arc, and just leaves me pumped for what's to come.This issue is just pure action and warfare,...

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