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Buy this.

Buy this series. Go out now and do it. Just... don't finish this review, or even this sentence. Go to comixology and download it, or make the trek to a store and get it. Just... go.

Now, for the review... This issue was EPIC. This is a sword and sorcery comic done right, and everything about this series just works so well. Paul Cornell is a fantastic author, and this issue nicely wraps things up for this arc, and just leaves me pumped for what's to come.

This issue is just pure action and warfare, and Cornell makes no pretense about it. What makes this installment just so much better than anything else being put out is that the scope of the destruction is made perfectly clear. DC has a bad habit of slaughtering thousands of people with every issue of certain series, but rarely is the event give much weight or thought. Your supposed to accept people die and that's it. Not in Demon Knights, where it's made painfully obvious that there are no victors in war, and that this clashing between metahumans causes untold destruction to many. That alone makes it worthwhile, but the story has plenty of fist pumping action and tension in it's conflict. You actually feel that our hero's may lose, unlike something with Superman where you know without a doubt he's gonna win somehow. Characterization is great, as usual, something that is often difficult to convey in action scenes, but Paul Cornell has proven to be a master at writing these things. Vandal Savage is especially interesting here, which helps show more of his true colors, showing him as the violent manipulator we have seen him in modern times of the DCU. His role as either a hero or a villain is left ambiguous, but it's perfectly clear he's not a good person, so seeing where his loose morals take him is a lot of fun.

Art is great as usual. Because it's split between two pencillers, it allows for grand scenes and really epic seeming imagery, and at the same time it never feels out of sync with it self like other series might when duty is done in a group. The coloring helps really emphasize the fantasy angle, and the action an movements all flow so well.

This is an amazing book, pure and simple. Maybe if you don't care for fantasy, I might let it slide if you're not giving it a chance, but otherwise you are a fool if you missed out on this. Recommend it to friends and get right into this story, it needs support, and there's not a damn flaw to be found in here.

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