bloodwolfassassin's Demon Knights #6 - The Balance review

Honest to God action at last

When we last left the Demon Knights, who have of exactly one Demon and one Knight among their ranks, Vandal Savage had turned on the group and sicked a big motherf*cking Triceratops on the town. Exorsistos, feeling guilty for allowing the little girl to die a few issues ago charges in and, armed with only a stone war hammer, completely annihilates the giant rampaging dinosaur with one mighty swing. Vandal Savage appears turned on by this, but not so much that he won't send in the robot Dragons. Meanwhile, the others try to arm themselves for battle, Xanadu almost kills some poor bastard in order to regain her youth. The rest of the issue is pretty much solid action and damn good action at that.

What Works:

The action is solid, the character bits are nice and the bits with Vandal Savage is awesome.

What Doesn't:

Okay, let me explain something to you all. For my past three reviews of this title as well as the most recent issue of Nightwing, I have complained about the fact that Etrigan, one of my favorite characters in DC comics, does not speak in rhyme. And, in response many of you kind readers have been quick to justify this choice by the writing staff with varying hypothesis'. Irritating though it may be, I'm actually glad that people are making these comments. It means that they are enjoying the story and they care about the characters and continuity, which means they are buying this book, and this is a title that deserves to be bought. HOWEVER, I am still perturbed by the fact that Etrigan does not speak in rhyme. Is this a minor nitpick? Of course it is. Is my anger regarding this choice for dialogue irrational? Oh, most definitely. Is the fact that I refuse to give this title a five star ranking until Etrigan start talking right incredibly petty and immature? You bet your ass it is. But, I stand by my convictions because I stick up for one of my favorite characters. I will stick to my guns here because I love Etrigan and I love that he speaks in rhyme. Just like I loved it when Wonder Woman was made out of Clay, or when Spiderman wasn't making deals with the devil, or when Harley Quinn.... was still Harley Quinn. I appreciate the comments, I really do, just know that they were unnecessary and will not change my mind on the matter.



Sorry to go on a rant there at the end, this issue still gets a highly recommended from me.


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