bloodwolfassassin's Demon Knights #5 - The Traitor review

I guess evil is just that damn sexy

As it turns out, the Horsewoman did not betray her comrades by shooting Exorsistos, but rather, was just pissed at her for allowing the little girl to die. Nice job of setting up a red herring though. We quickly get a sense that the Demon Knights, well... hate each others guts, giving the Queen the idea to tempt one of them to their side. What follows is a very well done montage of the various heroes being tempted by the Queen's offer, each time getting some insight into their various characters. Exorsistos was exiled from Paradise Island, meaning she's actually an Amazon, The wizard Al Jabr seeks knowledge, and the Horsewoman apparently cannot walk on her own and is bound to some sort of magic saddle, also she apparently has such good aim she can shoot an arrow directly into the Queen's chambers. The next morning, the Demon Knights prepare to face the horde, but one of them is missing. It turns out Vandal Savage has joined the horde, having been a member previously. Why? To get into the Queen's pants. I am in no way kidding. Savage readies the Horde for attack and they unleash their ultimate weapon: A Big Ass Triceratops. That my friends is awesome.

What Works:

I like the insights into our lead characters, all of whom are really strong. We have great writing here, beautiful artwork, and some pretty good dialogue. The scene where Savage grabs the Queen and makes out with her is just downright hysterical. He may be evil now, but he's still a one awesome dude.

What Doesn't:

The story is still moving a bit slow for my taste but at least now we're getting some advancement of the story, unlike last issue. I must admit I'm a bit disappointed that it's Savage who's the traitor even though I saw it coming. I was really enjoying the character as a hero but I guess he had to turn to villainy at some point. Either way, he remains my favorite character in this series. And finally the biggest issue I have with this whole series and the only thing keeping this comic from a five star rating: WHY THE F*CK DOES ETRIGAN NOT SPEAK IN RHYME!!! That's like a fundamental aspect of his character. It's like making it so Wonder Woman wasn't made out of Clay, oh wait THEY F*CKING DID THAT TOO!!! I will read this book because I love it and want it to succeed, but Etrigan better start rhyming or I'll.... continue to complain about it on the internet.



Next time: The Demon Knights vs A Big Ass Triceratops

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Posted by JonesDeini

It was an editorial mandate that Etrigan Rhyme less often, if at all. Also, it was specifically said to avoid writing him with Moore's complex sonnets. All that being said, I miss Etrigan rhyming but I get why he's from a narrative standpoint.

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