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I guess evil is just that damn sexy 0

As it turns out, the Horsewoman did not betray her comrades by shooting Exorsistos, but rather, was just pissed at her for allowing the little girl to die. Nice job of setting up a red herring though. We quickly get a sense that the Demon Knights, well... hate each others guts, giving the Queen the idea to tempt one of them to their side. What follows is a very well done montage of the various heroes being tempted by the Queen's offer, each time getting some insight into their various characters...

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Treachery! 0

Demon Knights is a series that I feel is extremely underrated. There's so much potential just waiting to be untapped by writer Paul Cornell who up to this point, has done a fairly solid job with this unorthodox cast of characters the series is comprised of. While the story itself seems to jump around all over the place at times (which I think turns some readers off) the series has never failed to be a lot of fun. If you like to have fun while reading comics then this series is for you. Set in me...

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A shot in the dark 0

This is one of the most interestingly executed issue that I have ever read.  After the last issue which sputtered a little bit with the origin story of the Shining Knight, this one packs three mini-origins in (with really as many more questions as answers about the characters) as the spirits of the enemy leaders visit the Demon Knights with tempting offers of things which they desire if they will switch sides.  This is one of the most unconventional introductions to a group of characters that I ...

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Love this book 0

So Im a little biased ill admit because this book, Snyders Batman, Swampthing and Aquaman are my favorite New 52s but i have a special attraction to the story, art and characters of Demon Knights. This issue Cornell starts to illustrate dissent on the team and reveals more about Horsewoman. I really like how hes keeping the subplot of Xanadu and Etrigan/Jason love triangle a mystery so far. This issue has a cool twist at the end, albeit a predictable one but good nonetheless, Cant wait for next ...

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Morgainne and Mordu Failed a Charisma Roll 0

Oh look, Etrigan's on the cover again. What a surprise. It seems like lately I've seen more covers that are misleading in a bad way. Effective misdirection involves lots of subtlety across a long period of time to surprise readers. These are more like The Village. Not nearly as bad, but similarly misaimed. There is an 'enemy within,' but it has nothing to do with why Etrigan and Jabr are fighting. Not that they even actually fight, just Jabr and Jason Blood; but any excuse to put the most well k...

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