razzatazz's Demon Knights #4 - Merlin Watches the Storm review

It must continue

This was an unexpected issue, and not in the way that is pleasant.  After the previous issue I expected a bit more of a bite to this one with the "barbarians at the gate" at the end of the previous issue.  Instead of a more action packed issue, the focus is put on the Shining Knight.  Merlin shows up and describes the origin of the knight and the significance of the assembly of the heroes at the moment.  I was a little disappointed as well to see that their main objective is the Holy Grail, not that it isn't a worthy goal, but that it is a fairly common one so to see it show up demonstrates a bit of a lack of imagination by the writers.  Of course it was redefined a little as well, but not so much to make it very different from others which have come before it.  The action picks up somewhat in the end though to pave the way for the next issue, but it was sort of a mixed effect.  It would have been nice for a bit more resolution but the introduction of the origin does also set things up for the upcoming stories as well.  Fans of the series will like this one, others might want to skip it. 


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