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Demon Knights #4 0

Art - The be on the lower side of average, though i blame that more on the inker than the penciler. The colors however are well done, among the best this week. The panels are well laid out as are the text balloons.Story - The biggest complaint about this issue is that it is excessively wordy, but it might have been necessary. Other than that all I have to say is that I like how the story weaves the origin into what's happening... Other than that I must really question the time line now as it sai...

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Shining Knight and the Holy Grail 0

The Good: The cover is very nice, Mike Choi has a good simplistic approach to cvoer design that works better than Tony Daniel's increasingly crowded and complex covers. Not that Daniel's covers were bad. But there's such an effective use of empty space on the cover that makes it a powerful image. This issue shows you exactly what a good time to use two artists is. It works it in a way that although it's obvious there's two artists, not only is there a perfectly valid reason, but the styles compl...

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Demolishing The Demon 0

So far Demon Knights has been a great series where we've seem dragons and several other events that happened. How does issue #4 contribute to this story?  THE GOOD: I like the art. It's clean but a slight sketchy feeling. I really like how the characters look. They look a bit different then what you would find in a comic book and I think that makes it all the much better. In this issue we stop with the story and kinda go into a secret origin type of thing. We learn about the Shinning Knight. We ...

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And now for something completely different 0

We start where the last issue left off, with the sinister uh... guy with mustache having decapitated a little girl and using it to taunt the village the horde is about to attack. Shining Knight is pissed as all hell and looks ready to start kicking ass and chewing gum (and gum hasn't been invented yet). But just as she's about to go berserk she passes out and things get all trippy. She finds herself in this void that is described as "all of time and space" by none other than Merlin. Little trivi...

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The Quest For The Grail 0

The Story: The Shining Knight experiences a powerful vision with Merlin which reveals the quest she is on. My Thoughts: Demon Knights has been a series that has received mixed reviews from readers. It's certainly not a series for everyone. Personally I've found it to be extremely fun. I can see why some people may not like it. If you're not into this genre, it could be rather difficult to enjoy. But if Knights, Sorcerers, Demons and Dragons are the kind of thing that tickles your fancy, this act...

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Watches the Storm, Huh? I Don't Get the Reference. Too Clever. 0

The creative new origin of Shining Knight is revealed in this issue as the character sinks into a vision with Merlin, the architect of how she came to be. Demon Knights' connection to Stormwatch comes to be revealed as well.As big of a fan as I was of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers project, I have no problem at all with Paul Cornell modifying Shining Knight's origin to suit this story. Going with Morrison's wildly different and complicate take on Arthurian lore would have been a mistake in the ...

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It must continue 0

This was an unexpected issue, and not in the way that is pleasant.  After the previous issue I expected a bit more of a bite to this one with the "barbarians at the gate" at the end of the previous issue.  Instead of a more action packed issue, the focus is put on the Shining Knight.  Merlin shows up and describes the origin of the knight and the significance of the assembly of the heroes at the moment.  I was a little disappointed as well to see that their main objective is the Holy Grail, not ...

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