bloodwolfassassin's Demon Knights #3 - First Sacrifices review

I'll Roast you in your own fat

I'm coming in to this series a bit late because I didn't feel like buying all three issues in one go. I picked this one up for the same reasons I picked up Frankenstein agent of S.H.A.D.E., I wanted to add a more unorthodox title to my new 52 rotation. However, unlike Frankenstein, this one is staying in my rotation. Why because it is FREAKING AMAZING!! This is a strong book that I enjoyed immensely despite not having read the first two. The story goes, Madame Xanadu sacrifices herself in order to protect a small village from the horde, at least temporarily, and naturally Etrigan is pissed. Meanwhile, the rest of the demon knights in the time they have try to rally the village into a fighting force even though they know the battle is hopeless.

What Works:

The characters all have great chemistry and the dialogue is great. No, Great is not a good enough word. The dialogue is legendary. We have lines like "The plan is to leave an exquisite corpse" or my personal favorite "If I've lost her beauty I shall roast you all in your own Fat" (and that's from the good guy) Vandall Savage is a far more interesting character here than he ever was in the present of the past continuity and it's just great to see him go on about how awesome he is. The last scene, though horrific is a great shock moment that paints the villains (WHO HAVE ROBOT DRAGONS BY THE WAY) as monstrous and threatening.

What Doesn't:

Why, OH WHY, in the name of all that is pure, sacred and holy does Etrigan not speak in rhyme? Seriously what the hell? I love Etrigan, I think he's one of the most underrated DC heroes but one of his defining traits is that he speaks in rhyme. That's the only thing I can complain about and otherwise I would have given this a perfect score but Etrigan not rhyming, that's messed up.


Buy this book. Like Linkara said books like this usually fail. Make sure this book does not fail. It deserves our attention far more than some of the other big titles in the relaunch or anything Marvel's putting out these days. Buy this book or I'll roast you in your own fat! (God that line is awesome)



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