durakken's Demon Knights #3 - First Sacrifices review

No mages were harmed in the production of this comic

This was a pretty good issue, that unlike many of this week's stories, has shown that you can do virtually nothing and still do plenty that progresses the story and the characters of the story without stretching. We see each of the characters get more and more well defined.

The only thing that I don't like about this issue is that there is no suspense from Xanadu's condition and it's not at all surprising what happens due to the cover. If she was a different character we could imagine that she may die or this change is permanent, but because we know that it isn't this "sacrifice" isn't really a big event to bring attention to.

Also, this event brings to light an issue I hadn't thought about before, but most of the characters that we are introduced to are immortal to some degree and we already have limited sympathy for them as a number of them are considered villains or evil or are just unknown or created for this book. As such it might be a problem that the series won't be able to get over.

My recommendation is to pick it up. It's a good comic and hopefully it will continue to get better and not get canceled. I still wish this writer was the write of JL:Dark, especially since Xanadu is in both and they both are concerning magical teams.


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