starkiller809's Demon Knights #3 - First Sacrifices review


Demon Knights is a different kind of series and it's also very good. It has dragons, magic people, and demons.
I really like the art. I think it helps contribute to why this series to different. I really like the story. Madame Xanadu has sacrificed all of her power to build a barrier around the small town they are in. I'm really liking the characters in this series. There are a lot of cool characters as well as strong female characters. When they interact it just makes you feel that they are real and living. I really, really liked the talk Exoristos gave to the young girl and even though it's terrible sad, I liked how it ended. 
I don't really like Etrigan or Madame Xanadu. I really like everyone else. 
THE VERDICT: 4.5/5 (Amazing)
I really like this series so far. It's different then others and I think it's better then a lot of other series being published right now. I really like how they gave this series a chance because it's drastically different then a lot of other series. If you like good comics and can follow a slightly complicated story, this is perfect for you.


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