starkiller809's Demon Knights #3 - First Sacrifices review


Demon Knights is a different kind of series and it's also very good. It has dragons, magic people, and demons.
I really like the art. I think it helps contribute to why this series to different. I really like the story. Madame Xanadu has sacrificed all of her power to build a barrier around the small town they are in. I'm really liking the characters in this series. There are a lot of cool characters as well as strong female characters. When they interact it just makes you feel that they are real and living. I really, really liked the talk Exoristos gave to the young girl and even though it's terrible sad, I liked how it ended. 
I don't really like Etrigan or Madame Xanadu. I really like everyone else. 
THE VERDICT: 4.5/5 (Amazing)
I really like this series so far. It's different then others and I think it's better then a lot of other series being published right now. I really like how they gave this series a chance because it's drastically different then a lot of other series. If you like good comics and can follow a slightly complicated story, this is perfect for you.


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    I'm coming in to this series a bit late because I didn't feel like buying all three issues in one go. I picked this one up for the same reasons I picked up Frankenstein agent of S.H.A.D.E., I wanted to add a more unorthodox title to my new 52 rotation. However, unlike Frankenstein, this one is staying in my rotation. Why because it is FREAKING AMAZING!! This is a strong book that I enjoyed immensely despite not having read the first two. The story goes, Madame Xanadu sacrifices herself in order ...

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    This was a pretty good issue, that unlike many of this week's stories, has shown that you can do virtually nothing and still do plenty that progresses the story and the characters of the story without stretching. We see each of the characters get more and more well defined.The only thing that I don't like about this issue is that there is no suspense from Xanadu's condition and it's not at all surprising what happens due to the cover. If she was a different character we could imagine that she ma...

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